List of Works


List of Works

Infinite ∞ Ryvius

Poster Visual
Infinite ∞ Ryvius
Year of Production
October 06, 1999
Number of Episodes

In the year 2137AD, a tremendous solar flare kills millions and spreads a dense plasma called the Sea of Geduld across the solar system. It is now 2225AD and teenage cadets learn to navigate around this deadly obstacle at a training center on the edge of the Geduld Sea. But an act of sabotage during a routine dive procedure sends the space station plummenting into the Geduld. With all the adult crew and instructors killed during the evacuation, the young astronauts can only rely on their training and each other to survive the journey home.-esteem.

Main Staff
Original StoryHajime Yatate
DirectorGoro Taniguchi