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About the SUNRISE Brand

SUNRISE Into the Future

For more than 40 years, Sunrise has been a "company that creates things from zero" and has produced many original video productions, including Mobile Suit Gundam and Love Live!
All of these works are the result of the collective passion of "people," including employees and creators.
No matter how advanced technology becomes, this will never change. The desire to create something that resonates with people's hearts is where it all begins and leads to all our results.

In April 2022, Sunrise merged with the film business of Bandai Namco Arts Inc., which engages in video production and video sales and which is part of the same Bandai Namco Group, and Bandai Namco Rights Marketing Inc., which engages in video distribution and other activities, to start anew as Bandai Namco Filmworks Inc.

Although the structure of the company has changed, we will continue to produce "good things" that deliver excitement to people around the world by bringing together the passions of each and every one of us, centering around the unique "SUNRISE" brand that we have been refining for many years.

Initiatives and Activities

We are involved in various initiatives through our original IPs and film production.
(IP=Intellectual Property)

Activities through the Gundam SeriesTOKYO Gundam Project 2017
Activities through the Gundam Series

SUNRISE has continued to produce Gundam projects for many long years. Now the series is highly popular not only domestically, but also overseas with fans of a wide range of ages. Making the most of this exceptional name recognition and world outlook, we are constantly broadening the areas in which we are active. We work in cooperation with people in numerous fields, we shine a light on safety and the environment, we encourage those who live for the imagination, and we are the carrier of the message of the appeal of Japanese anime culture.

GREEN TOKYO Gundam Project
Appointed as the character to symbolize “The Regeneration of a Tokyo Overflowing with Green,” a life-size Gundam statue was erected in Shiokaze Park, Tokyo. (Summer 2009)
TOKYO Gundam Project 2017
In the fall of 2017, a life-size Unicorn Gundam statue was erected in Odaiba, Tokyo. Its purpose was to push invigoration of the Tokyo Waterfront City area, as well as to nurture international exchange and human resources who can take on the world, and to encourage interaction and healthy bodies and minds through sports.
Promoting local attractions through Love Live! Sunshine!!
Promoting local attractions through Love Live! Sunshine!!

We are supporting local economic stimulation of Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, where the original anime "Love Live! Sunshine!!" is set. We are working together with local residents to promote the attractions of Numazu City by posting tourist routes on the "Numazu Sightseeing Portal" for fun tours of the filming locations, and by cooperating with public transportation agencies to provide decorated trains and buses.

Hosting Educational Company Visits
Hosting Educational Company Visits

At SUNRISE, we host field trips from elementary and junior high school students as much as is possible to introduce them to voices on site in the animation industry. Through these educational visits, the students can hear from many actual industry voices, and it also motivates the staff involved.
* Field trips are dependent on schedule and personnel, and cannot be hosted in some cases.

Nurturing Creators at the Drawing Cram School and Art Cram School
Nurturing Creators at the Drawing Cram School and Art Cram School

At present it is becoming apparent that there is a shortage of creators to shoulder key roles in animation production. The Sunrise Drawing Cram School and the Sunrise Art Cram School were established with the aim of fostering human resources who will support the next generation of animation productions. Students can learn from the basics to practical application under the guidance of excellent instructors who are active in the field, and the school also supports students' lives through a subsidy system.

Directing School
Directing School

The Directing School is designed to train people who want to become directors.

With currently-working directors as instructors, students can learn the basic structure of screen composition and scriptwriting, how to draw storyboards, and the basic points of checking layout and original images.

Some of the students who have completed the course have gone on to become active directors in the field.

Scenario Production Seminar
Scenario Production Seminar

The Scenario Production Seminar is a seminar that teaches a grasp of the basic structure of a story based on the screenwriting analysis method widely used in the U.S., known as the "Hollywood method”. The goal of the seminar is to train staff who can then prompt the development of proper scripts during pre-production.


This project started with the ultimate dream of making an 18-meter life-size Gundam move for 2019, the 40th anniversary of the Gundam.
Japan played a central role in the project, soliciting a wide range of ideas and plans from around the world. The most advanced technology, wisdom from around the world, plus the strong, passionate ideas of people across fields and borders, all came together to make the ultimate entertainment experience a reality with the "moving Gundam" at the "Gundam Factory Yokohama" in Yamashita Pier, Yokohama in 2020.