List of Works


List of Works

CITY HUNTER: Ryo Saeba, Live on the Scene

Poster Visual
© Tsukasa Hojo/Coamix・YTV・NTV・SUNRISE
CITY HUNTER: Ryo Saeba, Live on the Scene
Year of Production
April 23, 1999
Number of Episodes

Based on the City Hunter animated series, these City Hunter features pack the same action and suspense we have come to expect from Ryo Saeba and his partner Kaori. From street thugs to international crime ring leaders, Ryo takes over where the cops just don’t cut it, trying to maintain safety in the city. And he manages all of this while breaking a fair number of hearts along the way... In this TV special, Ryo is accidentally suspected of murder and the incident reported on TV, giving Ryo and Kaori one of their hardest cases to get out of.

Main Staff
Original StoryTsukasa Hojo
DirectorMasaharu Okuwaki
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