Copyright Policy

Regarding Sunrise works content (text, images, audio, video, etc.) on the internet
Sunrise works content (text, images, audio, video, etc.) may not be used on the internet, even for "non-profit purposes" or "personal websites".
We have received some inquiries about the use of Sunrise content on the internet for reasons such as "because it is not for profit" or " because it is a personal website", but even in such cases, Sunrise content cannot be used. Due to the nature of the internet, "private use" is not possible, and is synonymous with "reproduction and distribution".
Regarding novels and illustrations created by fans
Even if you have created your own novel or illustration based on a Sunrise work, you may not put it on the internet unless you have permission from Sunrise.
I want to post your character's image or video on my website (blog or SNS).
We do not give permission to individuals to use our images. Thank you for your understanding.
You have discovered what appears to be illegal video or pirated material that appears to be copyright infringement.
The department in charge of this matter will consider how to respond to the information you have provided, but we will not respond to you individually. Thank you for your understanding. We are working with experts and external organizations as necessary.