President Greeting

We will demonstrate our presence in the global entertainment industry as we work to evolve together with our fans.


Over a period of many years, we have created a broad range of visual products, starting with animations, many of which have been completely original creations. These products have catered to fan needs and span across various areas, including television, film, packaged products, and Internet distribution. All around the world, people have been enjoying our products in a variety of ways.

Various things are required when making a completely original creation, including flexible ideas that challenge preconceived notions, the ability to think several steps ahead of the current times, and a strong conviction to fearlessly trying new things. We will continue to build frontiers from thin air with a sense of responsibility and pride, which means to promote our original creation, and challenge ourselves to expand the values of our products abundantly as they provide people around the world with hope, excitement, inspiration, happiness, and courage to people around the world. We ask that you look forward in anticipation as we pursue our efforts to evolve together with our fans.

Makoto Asanuma President and CEO