What if I find something that seems to be copyright infringement, illegal video, or a pirated edition?
The department in charge will investigate responses based on the information you provide to us, but we refrain from sending you an individual reply. Thank you for your understanding. Our company will respond to the matter in cooperation with specialists and outside bodies as necessary.
What about links to your website?
Linking addresses...
For links to SUNRISE’s homepage, please be sure to use the web address https://www.sunrise-inc.co.jp/. In some cases, pages for individual projects may no longer be displayed, so please do not link to these.
How to link to us...
When linking, all characters, logos, and symbols on our homepage are copyrighted, so please only use text links.
What about using footage from SUNRISE properties on the internet?
Individuals are not permitted to use our footage. Thank you for your understanding.
Nor can it be used on the internet for “non-profit purposes” or “personal homepages.”
People ask us if they can, with the reason that “it’s not for profit” or “it’s only for my personal homepage,” but even in these cases, it is not permitted. Regardless of the internet’s “personal use” characteristics, it is still “reproduction and distribution” and therefore, our footage cannot be used in these ways.
What if I make my own novels or illustrations?
Your own novels or illustrations based on SUNRISE properties cannot be put on the internet without the consent of SUNRISE.
Can I tour the SUNRISE studios?
Due to confidentiality issues, we are a closed studio and unfortunately cannot offer tours. Thank you for your understanding.
What about job opportunities?
For employment information, please go to our Employment Opportunities page.
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Please contact us through our Contact Form for any other inquiries.