President Greeting

Company name
2-44-10 Kami-igusa, Suginami-ku, Tokyo Japan 167-0023
September 1972
Commenced business as Sunrise Studio Ltd.
April 1977
Company name changed to Nippon Sunrise, Inc.
June 1987
Established Sunrise, Inc. and continued business from Nippon Sunrise, Inc.
February 1994
Joined Bandai Group.
April 2002
Split off music publishing division to establish SUNRISE MUSIC Publishing Co., Ltd. (now SUNRISE Music INC.)
September 2005
Became a member of the BANDAI NAMCO Group following the integration of BANDAI and NAMCO.
April 2015
Established BANDAI NAMCO Pictures Inc.
March 2019
Established SUNRISE SHANGHAI CO., LTD. (Shanghai, China)
Principal Business
  1. Production of TV animated films.
  2. Production of TV feature films.
  3. Production of TV special effect films.
  4. Production of theatrical animated films.
  5. Production of commercial films.
  6. Production of PR films.
  7. Production of educational films.
  8. Planning, sale and leasing of animated films for TV, movie theaters, home videos, etc.
  9. Planning, production and management of related intellectual property rights of original characters.
  10. Planning, sale and leasing of original music.
  11. Providing various services with extensive applications of the original characters.
  12. Planning, sales and production of computerized characters, pictures, music, etc. and development of these items.
  13. Management of characters, media visuals, music, etc. through digital networks, and development of these systems.